Making It Last Longer: Tips And Tricks

  • feliciacosta
  • February 22, 2017
  • Escorts are there to provide companionship to those who need them. Sometimes, they do get to bed with their clients per what terms they agreed upon. Coming to sex, male clients do end up sleeping with female escorts.

    So, what does a man need to do to last longer in bed?

    Managing to delay that final release is most of a man’s preoccupation when having sex. To delay ejaculating when having an intercourse, men should consider putting into practice the following tricks:

    Do, stop, then do it again

    When having sex with an escort and you want to delay that ejaculation till she first gets an orgasm, consider having sex and when the feeling that you are about to ejaculate comes, take a stop of about 10-15 minutes then start again. This procedure will be of assistance in helping a man be in control of his body responses and signals. Retraining physical responses through slowing down and then starting again, you will surely get the escort hot and you will both enjoy splendid sex.

    Try some foreplay

    Every good man’s wish is to first satisfy his partners sexual needs by allowing her to attain an orgasm before does. To attain this, some foreplay is needed. For instance, a man can perform some clitoris stimulation through using a vibrator, fingering, or even tongue licking. By performing foreplay, chances are high that the escort will climax and long for a penetration, and when finally he penetrates her it will be an exciting moment for both of them.

    Having a big squeeze

    One way a man can attain to delay an ejaculation when having sex is by performing a big squeeze. To delay climaxing as a man, you need to apply a little pressure at the base of the penis. This will in turn bring a desensitizing effect produced by a restriction of blood flow, and thus braking the process and lasting longer in bed.

    Consider practicing a variety of sex styles

    It has been proved that changing from one sex style to another delays a man from ejaculating. One can begin with a missionary style, and when he feels that ejaculating sensation, he shifts to another style, let’s say doggy style. The reason for changing is that some sex positions are known to stimulate the penis more as compared to others. Also, some styles allow a certain rhythm and penetration depth.

    Take a slow breath from your diaphragm

    A research carried out revealed that how you breathe has a direct impact on how fast you can ejaculate. When you feel as if you are about to cum, take a slow breath but ensuring that they are deep ones using your diaphragm.

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